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Frequently Asked Questions


Who should I send a postcard to?

This is a great question. We love to send postcards to everyone in our life— friends, family members, co-workers (we have tons of postcards up in the SP office!), neighbors, our favorite movie stars, travel companions, basically anyone in our life with a mailing address around the world. We have also heard of people sending postcards to pen pals, sales prospects, party guests, other PTA parents, well, you get the idea; we could be here all day.


On which mobile devices can I use the Simply Postcards app?

For now, Simply Postcards is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running 3.0 iOS or later. The app will work on either Wi-Fi or a data connection.


What personal information do you need from me?

After you send your first postcard, we only need your email address and a password to create your Simply Postcards account. If you forget your password, you can email us from within the account section of the app.


How much does Simply Postcards cost and what does that include?

The app is free to download and your first postcard is free. After that, it's 1 credit for any postcard mailed to a United States address or 2 credits for a postcard mailed to anywhere else in the world. Credits can be purchased within the app for $1.00 to $1.99, depending on how many credits you buy. Complete your purchase using PayPal or a major credit card. We've found that using Simply Postcards can be cheaper than sending a traditional postcard after you factor in the cost of the card, the postage and your time! Don't even get us started on what a time saver SP can be.


Where do I enter the promo code?

You can redeem a promo code by selecting the "account" button on the main app page and then clicking into the "account info" section.


Why do you use credits?

Since international currency is involved, we thought this might be easier than having our intern calculate the cost of postage every time you send a postcard to a new country.


What are my options for the front of the card?

You can use any photo from your photo library, camera roll, or snap a picture from within the app. All pictures taken from the app will be saved on your phone for future use. Both horizontal and vertical pictures will work just fine. If you select a vertical photo, be sure to rotate it in the 'Edit' menu.


Who is responsible for the content of my card?

You are! Use your best judgment when sending a postcard, as you are solely responsible for the photography and content of the message. Please be mindful that we can trace all postcards you send back to your account.


What will my postcard look like?

Your postcard will be printed exactly how it is positioned in the app, no more, no less. You can zoom out or crop your photo by pinching and zooming.


How do I add addresses to my cards?

The most convenient option is to use the addresses in your Apple Contacts. You can also enter addresses manually on the recipient screen. The return address will auto-populate with the last address you sent a postcard from. This address, however, can always be updated when sending new postcards. To send a postcard within the US, you will need your recipient's name, street address, city, state and zip code. To send a postcard outside the US, we are relying on the information you provide. Please provide as much information as you can to insure delivery.


When will my postcard arrive?

We print and stamp your postcard the day you create it and drop it in the mail the next day. If you send it to an address within the US, your postcard should arrive in roughly three days. If you send it internationally, it could take up to a week to arrive at your destination.


What if my postcard doesn't arrive at its intended destination?

We will do our best to ensure this never happens, but if you experience any problems, issues or concerns, send us a note at support@simplypostcards.net and we will promptly work to resolve the situation.

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