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About Us


Who doesn't like receiving a postcard from a friend?

During the summer of 2010, we started asking this question of friends and family members. When we didn't hear anyone say, "I hate getting a postcard and I hate anyone who sends postcards!" we knew we were on to something. It was quite the contrary actually; everyone we asked told us they loved getting postcards the 'good ol' fashioned way,' through the mail.

At SP, we view the postcard as a cold bottle of traditional relief in a hectic desert of spam email and direct mailers.

With Simply Postcards, we set out with one goal in mind: take everything that we love about traditional postcards ? the personalization, the tangible stick-it on the fridge nature ? and combine it with all of the conveniences that come with an iPhone. Add a few personal touches like custom overlays and the result: Simply Postcards! Your photo, anywhere, anytime. No more searching for stamps, no more beating postcards home from vacation, just sweet, sweet postcards.

When you send a postcard to someone, it means you took the time to say "Hey, you're important in my life."

Postcards make an impression on people. Postcards stick around long after emails are archived.
Postcards, frankly, are awesome.

We hope you love our app as much as we do,

The Simply Postcards Team

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