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1,001 Uses

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We're pretty sure there are over a million different reasons to mail someone a postcard, but to start, we're on a mission to find 1,001. Got a suggestion? Post them to our Facebook wall and if we move your suggestion over to the website, we’ll give you a free postcard!   

Photographer's Reasons to Mail Simply Postcards

#26 Make a huge splash with a wedding couple on their honeymoon:
Find out where your wedding couple is staying on their honeymoon and mail postcards throughout their trip using various pictures from the big day.

#83 Follow-up with prospective clients:
Create a graphic with details about your studio and keep it on your phone. After meeting with a prospective client, mail him/her a postcard. The postcard will arrive in 2-3 days, often before your prospective client has enough time to meet with other vendors. For best quality, use a graphic that is 72 dpi and 969 pixels wide by 647 pixels tall.

#442 Allow clients to send postcards from their photo shoot:
Have some fun with clients and ensure a unique experience. Take several pictures with your iPhone during their session and allow them to mail postcards to friends and family.

#741 Mail a thank you note after a photo shoot:
Mail a personalized thank you postcard immediately following any photo shoot. This postcard also doubles a sneak peak of what's to come.

#7 Mail postcards to your customers on their special days throughout the year:
Simply Postcards are a quick and easy way to mail a personal note on birthdays, holidays and anniversaries.

#55 Mail a postcard when an order is ready to be picked-up:
Instead of a traditional email or phone call, take a picture of an order and mail a postcard to your customer letting him/her know it's ready to be picked up.

#115 Remind a client about an upcoming photo shoot:
Reminder postcards are sure to make their way to the fridge where your studio will be top of mind for days and weeks to come.

#800 Reach out to clients from the road:
Mail Simply Postcards from anywhere in the world. Take a great photo from an exotic location or a destination-shoot and mail postcards back home to your clients.

#62 Mail special offers or holiday discounts to customers:
Postcards are an impactful way to get the word out about a sale or special offer.

#311 Use Simply Postcards as a relationship-building tool:
Your best customers and new customers alike will appreciate the time you take to mail them a postcard.

#45 Give Simply Postcards as a gift:
Give Simply Postcards credits to a bride and groom for use on their honeymoon or to a high school senior so that she can share her new photos with friends and family. Contact dan@simplypostcards.net for more details, gift-wrapping is available.

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